Monday, August 18, 2014

The Holy Roller!

I was working on a few things while I was at the Wild West Exodus booth.  I painted a bit on the Wayward Eight and the Lawmen, but it was apparent that I was having a tough time seeing them without a magnifier light, and everyone else was as well!

Soon, a large resin piece was in my hands.  It was the brand new Pillar of Light heavy support for the Holy Orders faction.

You are all familiar with this stage.  Yes... Shaded Basecoat!

I was shown the concept art, and the two primary items on this vehicle would be lots of shiny gold, and blue glow... not red.

The glow is being established, a bit at a time.  Obviously the cyan fluorescent paints were deployed :-)

I moved around the various surfaces of the vehicle, making sure not to linger on too long in one spot.  I wanted to be sure that each area got equal attention.

The value patterns are pretty well established now, but refinement has not begun quite yet.

Stopped by briefly to see Jim and Jessica at the Dark Sword booth.  INCREDIBLE minis on those shelves.  You will see the ones I brought home, and some discussions on what will happen with them.

It was great to participate in the ACES charity speed paint with Jessica... tormenting her only part of the time. :-)

More development on the Pillar of Light.  For the next several hours, I would be seeing just how light I wanted certain areas to be, and getting more darks as well.

Once more shadows were completed, I would go back into the middle tones to create several areas with subtle color variations.

Stay tuned!

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