Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A flaky kind of day

Well... since unexpected allergy attacks lead to not sleeping, I figured I would post pictures of some Mica forest bases I had begun for demoing at GenCon.

This time, I was employing the new supply of tree bark!  I really wanted to see how the leaves would look here.

You can see that some cork was interspersed as well.  And yes, the dried foliage comes into play.  I am hoping to do a small scale test of placing the Mica on the branches.

My guess is that it will involve super glue to make them stick more firmly.

It may work... it may not.  But not trying at all guarantees no success!

Big jar of Mica Flakes!!

I used both a brush and a flat sculpting tool to apply the flakes.  The idea is to get a spread of them, attempting to pick out a few individual leaves here and there.

Flakes and branches added.  Other odds and ends will be placed on these, and then it will be time for painting!


  1. I used the Micha with Elmers white glue and it was easy to work with and stuck (so far!!)

    1. Very cool. I'm just trying to get a few flakes on the branches :--)

  2. I want to try this also. Thanks for all your posts . They are really helpful.

    1. Other have as well, so I'm sure you will have just as much fun!!!