Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Great Skedattle

More from the campaign.  Canadians and Brits vs the Axis, now pushing them out of Caen, and on the run!

Here we see the tally sheet, showing the victory in the first battle, and also the 'pre-battle' record keeping.  That is, the reserve rolls and the all important Victory Event Rolls.

Those really let you do a number on your opponent before the fight even begins.  You can weaken units, and even take away vital command cards!!

Here are my reserves.  More Desert Rats!!!

But once again, it will be the Canadians that bear the brunt of the fight.

This unit of armor was a victim of the Victory Event Roll...

Lots of infantry on the left waiting to chase down the retreating Germans!

The Allies begin by hammering the forward units that are fighting a desperate rear guard action.

Also, nightfall is approaching, and if they can delay the bulk of the Allied forces long enough, they can slip away under the cover of darkness.

However, the Germans begin to evacuate those units, as it is even later in the day than both sides thought!

The fierce Canadians surge forward, rolling into the town to cut off the retreating enemy!

A dreaded Panzer unit drives out into the open to cover the infantry unit heading towards the bridge... and safety.

 The Allies find other enemy units hiding out in the woods, and try to trap them there.  The artillery is no longer viable, since darkness now obscures these units!

The only way to hunt them down is with cold steel!

Meanwhile, enemy units continue to withdraw across the bridge.

Trapped!  The Germans can only fight to the death now!

Run away!  Run away!

Can the Canadians prevent the escape of the rest of the Axis forces so they don't have to face them again?  Or will they link up with other reserve units and launch a counter attack?  Wait and see!

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