Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Now this is fun to see!

The promised group shots of the Venoms!  I was really itching to see these!

I could not believe how everything fit so comfortably on the Hangar 18 backdrop.

I know I have never had a chance to see everything together like this.

Then I threw in the objective markers...

And then did a "ground level" shot, which was impossible before, since my other backdrops could not cover something as tall as the Archon's venom.

So, I thought, would there be room for the passengers as well?

Sure enough!!!

A little closer.

On the other side.

One more shot... much more to come!!


  1. Very nice work and let me tell you that I'm starting to like Dark Eldar ladies... hahahaha.

    1. Thanks! Now I just have to try to learn 7th edition :-) Darn psychic phase!