Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Rail Splitter

Hmm... I guess more than one person from Illinois has earned that nickname ;-)

Proceeding with the glazing of the rail sections, I had to take care of the railroad ties.  This was the trickiest part, since the color had to be a different hue from everything else (in this case slightly more reddish) but not hamper the light and dark patterns of the rails and the ground.

You can see, as with other glazes, that I emphasized more darks around the highlight areas of the rails, and the ground.  I had to constantly be aware to shift those values quickly, so that I did not have "dark next to a dark", etc.

The meant at times that I would use my fingers to wipe away some, or a very soft tissue.

You can see the difference.  Also, keep in mind that a few subsequent layers of rust and dust will be added to this!

Eventually all five sections were ready for preliminary rust treatments.

A few Secret Weapon washes were used to keep the mixtures flowing, while still adding some color.

I would work many different rust colors into the surface, some lighter, some darker.

Most of the rust effects would be concentrated on the spikes and the power conduits.

Rails at the ready!

A comparison shot.

Side by side!!!

I just had to place one of the train cars on the rails, even though more work will be done to each!

Seeing this made me all the more anxious to get to the final images. :-)

All aboard!


  1. Fantastic!
    And I know we are talking an alternate scifi universe, but you will find next to no rust on the top of rails. The trains grind em shiny when passing over. Everything looks so great and realistic, that one detail of the rusting on top of your rails just looked off.

    1. Thanks! We have lots of tracks around here, and they are very shiny, for obvious reasons :-) I just wanted to break up the space a bit, and that was one way to get that contrast. They are going to be covered completely, so I guess I didn't need to bother ! ;-)