Thursday, July 24, 2014

The batch is almost complete!

All right... here are some quick shots of the bases as they stand right now.

More adjustments will be made to them once the miniatures are placed on them!

Dragon Forge bases are quite nice, since you don't have to deal with mould release, air bubbles, concave or sanded undersides, and so on.  The textures are always very clear and neat, which makes them easy to paint.  And that makes a painter happy!

I put a Mechanicus symbol on one of them, since I could not resist!  I will be painting that icon many more times in the coming weeks, that's for sure!

Here are the four different designs.

And the full group of five.

Now let's add one of the BIG bases to these 60mm bases.

You can find them all at:


  1. you prove again and again that a base can make the difference... stunning work!!

    1. Hehe.. there are many times where the color choices for my miniature is decided by what I do for the base :-)