Friday, July 25, 2014

Gunboats on rails

More aspects of the middle cars to complete, including the gatling guns and the weathering.

I tried to get both of the cars to look as similar as possible before doing those effects.

Kinda wild to see them both together, and intimidating as well, since these are the smallest of the cars! Not sure how I will photograph the whole shebang!

With eight of the gatling guns to paint, I got some blue tac and stuck them to my empty paint jars.

A little blue tac to put them in place to see what they look like!

Ready to go!

Ambushing this train is gonna get messy!

Weathering commences in the same manner as the other cars.  It has to be kept simple, so that all four cars will match.  That meant three colors only... the burnt sienna, the cadmium red, and the black.

I tried to use the weathering as an accent where possible, in that it would create a little more interest in the recesses, which were obviously going to be very dark!

A few rust streaks on the roof to break up the large open space.  I chose not to do the U.S. freehand here, so that it would be more significant on the engine and caboose.

I started with a somewhat dark blotch, and then made it darker in some places.  The streak would originate from that point.

It took many hours to get both cars weathered!

The caboose also needed to get its weathering effects as well.

Wage has been very hard at work burning hundreds of disks the last few days while I work on Mechanicus and Wild West Exodus stuff!


  1. Very nice.. I am digging your work.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, and for checking out the blog!