Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Desert Rats

Here and there I have put a few spots of paint on the British units from the Medeterranian expansion.  First, an example of the infantry.

I will be taking a few of these and converting them to have berets, which should be fun!

Now some Crusader tanks for support!

I had seen a few reference images of a desert camo scheme, and that seemed to be the best idea, as opposed to simple tan.

I did stumble across a happy accident as I painted them.  As I was painting one of the tanks, I dropped it in my paint water!  This has happened a number of times when I am holding a figure that is not pinned or attached to something else.

While the water was still on the tank, I took some of my darker colors and placed them on the tank, allowing the water to do the blending work for me!  That was a very pleasant surprise.

I also used some of the markings that I had discovered.

I look forward to doing the rest of these, and the terrain sets that will go with them!!!


  1. Those look good, except that the British infantry are wearing Japanese helmets for some reason.... Nice Crusader tanks though,

  2. Good, point...but as this artist did not sculpt the minis, perhaps remarking to Days of Wonder would make a lot more sense. They are the responsible party. Nice paint jobs, however.

  3. I'm not blaming the artist for the models, just wondering at the design. The tin hat is a pretty quintessential indicator of British troops, it's strange that it's not modeled accurately. Not a big deal either way I guess.