Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Playing with purple

There were a number of different topics that I left out of the original set of videos, since the idea was that once I had the means and knowledge of how to make them, I could add more titles as time went on.

There are lots of colors that I want to cover, and I thought this could be a fun exercise in purple.  Besides, I need to find just the right miniature to use! :-)

I did lots of cool vs warm purples, and played with saturation as well.

She is now here:


  1. Very nice use of purple. It's generally quite difficult to get a variety of tones within the same section of the color wheel to work together. They tend to mute together and become rather bland. You've done a lovely job providing contrast and interest while sticking to your limited palette. Very nice work.

    1. Ahh, it's music to my ears to hear the depth of your analysis! You are so right on all points... I think that's why I see these types of exercises as so important. It forces you to think about those other methods of contrast! :-)