Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More of the Good Earth

The Oxide Paste and Dark Earth products came out again for some more terrain bits.

While these are obviously very tiny, this could easily be scaled up to 28mm size.

Some bunkers...

And the desert sands!

It was very strange to be making this tiny church after the 'giant' cathedral that I made for Adepticon!

The bunkers and blockhouses painted and flocked.

I had to go much more simple with the designs on these, since I needed somewhere for the minis to stand.  I wanted to do a very fancy version, but space was just too limited.

Still, they get the point across, and you won't want to leave your units standing in front of these for too long!

Troops taking cover!


  1. Thanks for demo-ing these products - I had often wondered how one might use them. Quick question - do they shrink on drying, which would warp some materials...?

    1. I have never seen them do that, so you should be safe! :-)