Saturday, May 17, 2014

The other scratch build with a little bit of painting

Yet another painting work in  progress.  This one is barely 40% painted.  Lots to do on it, but you get the idea!

This was for the beloved Demonhunter army, which was all done in these bloody reds.  You can see the rest of that army in the Demonhunters section, and read all about the Brotherhood of the Sacred Chalice.

As you can see from the original pictures showing the scratch build, I switched these sponsons to bolters from the original lascannons.  That was the whole idea behind the project :-)

The Assault cannons were actually made from plastic wall hangers!

All the rest was done in pink foam, matboard, and sculpey.

More to come as I continue the process on these guys!


  1. HA! That is awesome! The simplified lines on your build there combined with your painting style give it a very anime type feel. It's cute, but menacing at the same time - I'm so conflicted o_O