Sunday, May 18, 2014

A true Cylon at last!!!

Well, before we get to that, another set of Reaper minis.  These are some older sculpts, but still very fun!  Obviously, I had a blast with the tattoos!

That, and a wee bit of plaid.

I have some more of these on the way...

Chop chop!

Yes, for the first time in nearly forever, I got to be an actual Cylon.  Drawing standard loyalty cards certainly never worked for me.  I think 22 of 24 loyalty cards over the years were "You are NOT a Cylon" card.  Taking Baltar or Boomer made no difference.

Even taking Cylon leaders didn't work, as my agenda was always to help the Humans survive.

Until now.  Finally, the destruction of the meat bags was my life's goal!

I had some fellow Cylon partners in this noble quest.  Hank played Callie, who put a cap in Baltar's face at one point, and Cathy, who was Chief.

I was campaigning for Callie to run for office against Baltar, but she chose a more direct route to Colonial One :-)

This was the "Cavil/Callie" 'can'paign poster.

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