Sunday, March 16, 2014

Writing a column on columns

Here's a great product from Secret Weapon that is making my army project a whole lot easier!  It is their series of broken and standing columns.

Here are all the pieces arrayed before you.  There are lots of them, and all the shapes are pretty handy!!!

Also, a reminder that you don't have to soak these in Palmolive or Simple Green.  Just prime and paint!

These are just the right size for many types of bases... even bikes!

A little Les Miserables at the barricades :-)

And some more images of the pieces in use.

They are very easy to drill into, but not so soft that they will crumble.

And now for the regular column set...

They interlock together perfectly. You almost can go without glue!

Some of the individual pieces.

If you do want to carve some stuff away, or put shell holes in them, that is easily done with wood carving tools.

Much more to come on these sets!!


  1. Very cool products. I used one of the broken bits to good effect on an Otherworld Hook Horror a while back.

    1. Very neat!!! These are really great pieces for basing and terrain.

  2. Great Blog. I have started a forum for painters @: Check it out...