Monday, March 17, 2014

Furious charge to Adepticon

After the earlier sneak peek in the column post, I figured you might want to see the whole squad of Rough Riders.  They are made from the Victoria Miniatures set which comes with the arms, power lances and legs.

They are riding a variety of wolves.  I put Mogul Kamir on a Reaper miniatures dire wolf.  Some of the bases are from Secret Weapon's Urban Rubble series.

The bases are all magnetized, but there is some sculpting that remains to be done.  I will be doing some blankets on the wolves, as well as some collars and purity seals.

I have some biker bits that might work well once those additional things have been added.

I tried to get as many different angles and poses as possible when I was assembling them, using as many Highland Guard bits as I could.

I will try to paint as many different colors of fur as I can as well.  I think Mogul's wolf will have to be black... perhaps the sergeant's would be white.

The full squad arrayed!  Charge!!

As you saw in the battle report, their first taste of combat (and blood!) was against the Chaos Bikers.  I had hoped that all the crazy bonuses they get on that first charge might be enough to at least do heavy damage to them.  It did work out that way, taking away a very hard hitting, mobile unit that was needed to claim some of our objectives.

Hopefully it works out that way at Adepticon!!!


  1. Fang-tastic ! (sorry). Now the paws until we see them painted.

    1. I will have a lot of fun painting these doggies!!!

  2. Wow can't wait to see these guys up and painted! One question though what is the red textured stuff on their bases?

    1. That is oxide paste. I have numerous articles on the blog in the basing and terrain building sections that show what to do with it....