Saturday, March 15, 2014

This recoil is murder!

Here was a guy that I thought I could be a bit cheeky with.  He's not quite used to handling those shootin' irons, so he doesn't know how to handle the recoil.

Hey, that's why you need to have a batch of fifty of these guys doing the whole "Second rank fire!" thing. ;-)

There are a number of kneeling poses that I have done for each squad.  I really enjoy these, because it lets me set up tint little dioramas on my bases.  I have them shooting behind walls, and even behind barrels.

Once again, the genius behind the Victoria Miniatures Highland Moss Guard!

For whatever reason, the blog website keeps tinting all of my images very red.  It's very odd, since it never did this before.  It just started the other day.  It's not the laptop, since it has done the same thing on all of them.

Anyway, gotta run!!


  1. do you make each base independent or do you make a squads base that is part of a larger scene?

    1. I try to make the basing work with the overall display board, which sets the theme of the whole army. Also, I try to make at least some difference from squad to squad so that it is easier to distinguish them during a game.

      Finally, I try to give characters and special weapons a more unique base within the squad so I can locate them easier!