Saturday, March 15, 2014

It takes a Saint

OK, now you know what one of those bases was for!  This will be the warlord of the army... the Living Saint.

It is a conglomeration of bits and various minis.  The main figure is an old Rackham figure.  Then there are some Canoness bits, Blood Angel, and even an Empire Fire Wizard's sword!

If you have seen the recent post showing the big 60mm base with the small mural, you can see the connection between this character and the miniature.

I had intended for something a bit different, but time concerns meant that I had to work with what was at hand.  I found a bunch of pieces as I was looking for something else, and started piecing it together!

It also had to be a playable piece, since she is supposed to baby sit the Seraphim unit.  Hopefully, she will be able to absorb the inevitable strength 6 wounds coming their way.

I think it will still be fun to paint.  The actual Seraphim unit was also constructed today, so pics of that soon!

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