Friday, March 28, 2014

Some serious pipes

While there will eventually be many more hours of painting on this, for now, it is done :-)

Most of you already saw the WIP post with the scratch built turret.

I still wish that I could have put the Sister in the turret playing the organ.  It was going to be a conversion of a Dark Eldar figure.

However, I think this gets across the point!

I was glad that I included those bits from the rhino interior.  The screens were fun to paint, and added a bit more color interest in what could have been a boring area visually.

I was also glad that searchlights come with Exorcists, because I had one, and the sponson added a nice a-symmetrical element to the turret.

I wanted to post this after the Hydra to show just how different this is from the 'standard' RAV 6 x 6 from Secret Weapon.

I will do some side by side shots as well, and a scene with a Battle sister's squad that I almost done!

It always looks so different from the unprimed raw version :-)

All the extra armor plates that I added were great for showing the Sisters of the Raven iconography.

Hopefully it will last past turn one!

I guess this will attract a lot of attention.  I think I will really need it if there are lots of baby titans out there!

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