Friday, March 28, 2014

Bird hunting...

A few images now of the Hydra.  I have some of the Highland Moss Guard around it for scale.

I have heard a rumor or two that Victoria's Miniatures and Secret Weapon are teaming up at Adepticon... :-)

I really do enjoy the shape of the turrets.  I have some special Highland Guard figs that will be sitting on one of the Chimera versions of the RAV 6 x 6.  You can even put the new resin 55 gallon drums on the sides of the RAV for extra effect.

The kit is so easy to assemble, it creates more opportunities to 'add on'.

Let's see how many pesky planes this guy can shoot down!

The two Chimeras under way...

I also have the Exorcist finished, so pics of that soon as well!

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