Monday, March 3, 2014

And so it begins!

You have already seen the prepped versions of these guys, which are the fantastic new Highland Moss Guard from Victoria Miniatures.  This is the first color test figure.

There is always something very fun about the color test figure, since I am usually shifting colors here and there, adjusting things along the way.  While there is a pre-determined plan, there are those times where seeing it for real means that you need to lighten up an area, or reduce the saturation, etc.

Many of you are familiar with the story of the army.  The Highland Guard will be the allies of my Sisters of Battle with the Celtic motifs.  These tartan clad warriors are just perfect for that mission!

As you saw in the unboxing posts, there are lots of different options for head, weapons, poses, and so on.

Speaking of tartans, I have also decided that each squad would have their own unique colors.  This is not unlike my lizardman army, where each unit of skinks were a different set of colors.

It will be lots of fun!!

The gas masks also play into the story, since the air around the main chapel is a wee bit toxic.

Stay tuned, folks, because it's gonna be quite a ride to Adepticon!  Lots of these lads (and some lasses too) are headed your way!!!!

Go check them out on her site here:

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