Monday, March 3, 2014

A monster post for a monstrous unit!

OK folks, normally I break up a mass of images such as this into a few posts, but I have a ton of things going on all at once right now, and I figured I would simply carpet bomb your retinas with all the pics at once!

Here is the culmination of all the work on the Averland Swordmasters.

I recall the nickname of "Goldswords" being applied to these guys early on, so painting the yellow and black was a fun tease for me :-)

I really loved how they all meshed together, despite all of the challenges.

As I mentioned several times over the course of the project, there was even more sky earth non metallic than any other unit I have painted until this point.  Simplicity was the key.

I am pretty sure that I used no more than six unique colors to paint any of these guys.  Even the colors used on the bases and movement tray found their way onto the figures.

This also kept the flesh tones nice and muted, mixing in many of the colors used on the metals.

The really was a tremendous project.  I always learn new things with every figure that I paint, and it was certainly no different here.

I hope that you all enjoyed seeing the individual minis as they were painted one by one.  They were done assembly line style.  Lots of shaded basecoat in the beginning, and lots of glazing.

It is funny to think how much of these guys were painted with big filbert brushes and #8 round craft brushes that cost about 50 cents each!

I can't get enough of these unit shots!  Man.

It was neat to see them in smaller batches, but this really hits me with the realization of what went into completing this.

Now for a few closer shots.

I am taking some pictures of the command figures together as well for you!


  1. very nice, one of the best greatswords i've seen !

  2. That is a fantastic looking unit. Lovely work :)

    1. Thanks! So much goes into this, it's always great to hear!!

  3. I wasn't sure when I saw then individually, but now when I see them as a unit I am astonished at their beauty. Great work.

  4. Where are the reflections from the cobblestones and the other models in the unit on the metal?