Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow... and sun!

Hey everyone!  Sorry this is late... and that there are no miniatures.  I have spent the last 3 hours working with just one color... skull white.

We have been whacked with at least 6 inches of new snow... and it is still falling.

Welcome to the North American Himalayas.  This pile is now up to my chin.  And, by the way, it extends back towards the house about 10 feet.  There are three other slightly smaller piles forming a mountain range.

A view down the street.

Just when I thought I was done, I plowed through the snow to throw out come garbage, climbing through 3 foot drifts.  Just then, I saw someone stuck in the snow.  It was an older guy who was just coming back from the hospital.  So, I took his little shovel, dug him out and pushed the vehicle in his parking spot.

Just then, a few other folks needed help shoveling their garages, like this lady, whose husband is in bad shape.  More shoveling for me.  I still don't understand the concept of piling garbage out in front of your house.  To me, it belongs in the alley, where you can't see it from your front window :-)

Anyway, here is a fun, rather blinding effect that happens around here when the lake effect snow gets cranked up.  Huge snowstorm and blinding sunshine all at the same time!  FUN!


  1. Ha! I just realized you're in Chicago! Me too! Good digs. And that sun didn't last long either.

    1. Yes! The sun bouncing off the snowflakes pouring down was super blinding!

  2. Hey, just thought I'd give you a tips on how to fix the bigger images that is wider than the blog posts window.

    If you add this to your css:

    .post-body img {
    max-width: 95%;

    it'll be easier to read and see the pictures :).