Wednesday, February 5, 2014

All hail the Master

I was very happy to discover entire sets of images I didn't even know I had last week.  Since then, I have been making blog posts featuring these work in progress images.  Or, at the very least, pictures of the conversions before they were painted :-)

In this case, it was a Grand Master for my beloved Demonhunters army.  This guy won a Gold Rogue Demon at Adepticon prior to the Crystal Brush era.

I wish it was still around, since that was a contest that involved miniatures from actual tournament armies that were entered frenetically between tournaments!  Many thanks to Dave, Chris and others who spent many hours judging those.

And now for the painted result.  It was a challenge to paint, but immensely satisfying when it was complete.

Very sad to see this guy go, but one day I will find the pieces to make it again... or even scratch sculpt it myself.


  1. I got three comments:
    - this is amazing!
    - I hate your guts
    - I'm dying with envy :)

    Keep it up dude!

  2. This is astonishing. The conversion is full of character and is a wonderful example of what hard work (backed up by a bit of imagination) can accomplish. Your NMM's, especially the sky/earth reflective ones, really make this fig stand out.

    I must work harder...!

    1. I'm glad you liked this! It was one of my favorite minis I ever painted! :-)