Friday, January 10, 2014

Two by two, covered in goo

Well, the team continues to grow.  At this point, a decent number of Rotters and all the Pestigors completed.

As I have mentioned, the Rotters were done of various races... in pairs.  So we start with the beastmen,

Then some rats

And some squats.

The Pestigors

And the merry men as they stood the other day.

I have the companion lizardman Rotter finished, so pics of that next...

The Nurgle Warriors and coaching staff should interest you as well!

Cathy suggested I put the link to the Wamp forum for the voting.  Register to Wamp and put Wappelville over the top!


  1. Great work, as always. Quick question about the cork you use in some of your bases: Where do you get the larger chunks? My local stores only have thin sheets, less than 1/4", and it's noticeable when I try to stack them together for bases.

    1. Bulletin board cork is thicker. I also use cork from road construction sites, But I am pretty sure you won't be able to get that :-)