Friday, January 10, 2014

Some 'classics'... and Reapercon!

These old metal classics will always bring up fond memories.  While the casts were getting a bit rough due to age by this point, these were still interesting to paint.

I suppose it also reminds me of finding my way early on in my miniature painting.  Some of the first non Blood Bowl GW minis I painted were the old Grey Knights.

Those figures back in the day were my first attempts at non-metallic metals.  Yes, there was a time when I tried to use metallic paint. :-)  However, that was still in the context of sky earth.

I may do some experiments with the Valleko Metallic medium.  Perhaps I will mix that in with my usual SE-NMM colors and see what happens!!!

That could be quite interesting.  I am hoping to do a lot of experimentation in the second half of this year.  Have to get through a bunch of work first!

And I guess I can make it official.  I will be at Reapercon this year!  Yes indeed!  It does not conflict with Adepticon, so the good folks from out west have decreed that I should come out there ind infect them with my madness!

Further details to come!


  1. Brill job mate. They look absolutely amazing. Always love how your stuff turn out

  2. I have picked out my living room paint color based off how you painted their armor--I bet that's a first! (North Hampton Beige AC-38, Benjamin Moore Paint)

    1. Ha! :-) That is definitely a first! If you have left over paint, you can use it to paint Titans and Grey Knight strike cruisers !