Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Off to prison and the Chain Gang...

Here we have the next installment from Victoria Miniatures!  This batch is called the Penal Guard.

This set of 10 makes an excellent Penal Legion squad.  As usual there are 10 figures in all, with many different options.
First, the legs:

There are a few torso options, including a few for leaders/command.

A number of 'lasgun' options...

Then more heads, some shivs, and other items!

There were many ways to put these together, but I wanted to use the helmet version on one figure:

Chain gang!  Get a move on!

And then a few shots of the whole squad.

I didn't do anything to the figures themselves except file mould lines, wash them off and glue them together.  So, this really represents them right out of the package.

Finally, some images of the individual prisoners.

I am trying to decide if I want to go the orange jump suit route, or more 'standard' ripped up Guard uniforms.

These guys would make a fantastic addition to any Imperial Guard army.


  1. I've got a squad of these guys sitting waiting to be built, with a FW Arbite Enforcer and cyber hound to control them. One of the many things to do in 2014.

    1. Definitely looking forward to painting these!!!

  2. how much work is it to get the arms to fit properly? There looks like a lot of gaps in the shoulders to use that liquid green stuff on.

    1. These look to me like they are blu-takked together rather than glued, accounting for the extra gap. it's soemthing I do myself.

      to hijack and old axiom "dry fit twice, glue once"

    2. These are glued on, with a bit of green stuff inside the joint to add strength and keep them from moving as the joint dries. I always go back over any joints before priming.

      As I mention in the text, I didn't get too involved with any 'exterior' green stuff, since I didn't want all sorts of different colors distorting the images.

    3. ooo, fair enough, I saw the tack on the base and thought you were just test fitting.. yeah then I'd agree, there's some gaps there :)

    4. It has much more to do with me experimenting on different sets of arms in different locations and angles. I knew that I would be doing green stuff anyway, so I thought I would be adventurous :-)

  3. I haven't snatched any of Victoria's stuff yet, but this seems like one to tempt me!
    As for painting, the orange jumsuit route would be nice, but I think faded washed out guard uniforms would be more fun and a chance to work up some different camouflage/ color combos.
    it seems they have some large patches on backs and chests which would be excellent for a large"P" or a prisoner service number.
    Great looking sculpts! They should be a treat to paint!

    1. Yes, that is probably the way I will go. I was thinking about something non-standard with the orange. I think either one should be very fun! :-)