Thursday, January 2, 2014

Let it snow... let it snow.

Sorry for the delay folks!  Continuously shoveling snow here.  More to come as well, so I am geraing up to go shovel some more!

Then it will be a cozy -15 for the low.

Should be fun!  A number of things being worked on, including more of the Nurgle Rotters.  Three more almost about to join these three guys.

Also, a big batch of Empire Greatswords.  Images of the first figs coming this weekend.

The rotters coming up are Lizard, High Elf and 'undead'...


Here they come!


  1. Great job as always James. Looking excellent.

    Can I ask you what varnish you use? and if you mix it with anything? I've just destroyed another paint job with dusty matt varnish and wondered what your secret was.

    1. Army painter Matte Varnish is spectacular!!! It starts out clear, and ends clear :-) It even enhances your colors, just like varnish does on oil paints!

    2. BTW, it is a brush on, which is even more fantastic!

    3. Ah brilliant. Do you apply it straight out the bottle?

    4. It's just like any other squeeze bottle. You can brush it on very easily. Just make sure it is a very clean brush :-)