Monday, December 9, 2013

What my brushes look forward to... part one

Here are some images of test sculpts and masters by Raging Heroes, the result of their kickstarter.

As I continue to paint more and more of the miniatures from previous sets by Raging Heroes, I grow ever more eager and anxious to get these in front of that magnifier light and get after them with the brushes!

These sets of five figures are very similar in structure to the sets of Sci-fi Blood Vestals which I used for my Dark Eldar army.

Lots of options, and tons of quality.

Having just painted the faces of a number of different figures, I can say that the faces of Raging Heroes figures never leave you wondering where the eye ends and begins :-)  There are times where that can be very much in doubt with other manufacturers.

As you know, the plan is to use these for the upcoming Adepticon army.  Since they chose to create a few different factions, I can mix and match these with my army... using one set to defend outer walls in the toxic atmosphere like these ladies.

Others will defend other areas of the big display board.  Again, the variety is tremendous!

As always, the dynamism of the poses will let me do some very fun things with bases.  You know how much I love those!

There are many more pictures like these that I will intersperse with other blog posts.  Can't get enough of them!

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