Sunday, December 8, 2013

Team Wappel... not many of these!

Here's something very rare... and something that will be even rarer.  It is a miniature that Cathy and I both worked on.  This one is from Reaper, and it's a mini that she had almost finished.

This is vintage Cathy color scheme.  Greens and earth tones.  If you compare it to the last figure I posted of the CoolMini elf, that is my palette in a nutshell.  Quite an interesting contrast!

I just put the finishing touches on it, so Maria Roseblade  is ready for action!

Obviously, Cathy does not get that much time to paint any more, so I am not sure many more of these will happen.

It's also here:


  1. Why does she not get to paint much anymore?

  2. Fantastic looking figure, great colors!