Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Matching colors blind

This set of images shows the figure that was just painted next to one of the figures painted for the instructional videos.  The one on the left was in a case where I couldn't see it.

The idea was to see how closely I could match the colors.  The hair was the easiest, since I remembered exactly what I had used.  The armor was the same process as well.

The skin was the trickiest part.  I had a general idea what I had done, but I had to try out some new mixes.  

I have one more on the way, so it will be very interesting to see all 3 of them together!

So, more images tomorrow!!!


  1. To me they look just perfect together. The new once's skin differs a little bit, but absolutely fine to me. Anway the miniatures are representing animate beings so a bit of variation no problem.