Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A very active coven

Today we have some Sci-fi Blood Vestals from Raging Heroes that I used as Wyches for my Dark Eldar army.

Obviously, the poses are very dynamic.  It made basing them a lot of fun!

You have seen the other bases in the army, so they had to match as well.  It was a combination of vehicle parts from the Space marine army they were chopping up, and pieces of the city which was being overrun.

Here are a few shots with less miniatures, breaking down the group into the size of the actual squads.

I had these riding in Venoms, with a role as vehicle hunters.  It actually worked out that way a few times.  They were worthless in close combat fighting anything besides Guardsmen, however.  Space Marines just shrugged it off...

I could not resist the temptation to paint the tattoos!  That was a lot of fun.

You can see a number of work in progress posts involving these figures, including a few 'unboxing' posts.

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