Wednesday, September 4, 2013

They like their totem!

Once my trusty Lizards caught sight of the new totem, they immediately claimed it for themselves!

They even brought along some of the objective markers... and a swarm.

This makes me even more interested in seeing these things out on the gaming table with the Temple of Blood!

A close up of the little guys.  Blowpipes at the ready!

I forgot how much I used to love my skink blowpipes.  I had dozens of them, and they would roam all over the table creating havoc.  Perhaps I might start doing this again :-)

I wonder what sort of magical terrain this thing will represent in a given game.  Perhaps a Sinister Statue?


  1. This totem looks huge! Your lizards have nice 'camouflage' colours although I also like the flashy GW blue.

    1. Many thanks! Believe it or not, these are rather short compared to the first one. :-)