Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chamber of Secrets

I dug out the Secret Weapon powders once again to make some dual purpose snow bases.

I needed to make some more of them for box art and credits, but also for some Merc figures.

These represent a variety of sculpting materials... sculpey, apoxy sculpt, and cork.

I will post some images of the Merc figures over the next week...

This base is for one of the Urban Warfare Viridians that I painted in snow camouflage as I worked on the jungle and desert camo for the video.

Here's the group shot!


  1. Winter is comming...

    What did you sue for the small trees? Look awesome.

    Fantastic work as always. Can't wait to get my hands on the Beta Test DVD. Hells or all the DVDs slowly buying them for my collection.

    1. Many thanks! The small trees are dried foliage. They work for all sorts of things. I like to glue them to small tree branches to make myself a whole tree :-)

  2. The blue is just weathering powder?

    1. It is mixed with the realistic water. There are a few posts in the basing section of the blog which discuss the mixing of the powders with the realistic water (both from Secret Weapon miniatures). Cheers!