Sunday, September 8, 2013

Someone sat in my spot.

Here is the complete set of images on the Sheldon Zombicide character.

I did some Google searches to see what outfit he should be wearing, and I decided to go with the Green Lantern look.  I figured that green would contrast well with all the blood that I would be adding!

Researching the comic books, on the other hand, was far more difficult.  It was a real bear trying to get my hands on any interior art.  I found a few small bits, and tried to paint those in the sections of the paper that stood out the most.

Since this was so tiny, I had to exaggerate the characters and images on those pages, so that you could see Wonder Woman, Batman and even the Joker. :-)

I did some gloss coating of the Molotov cocktails as well...

He is on ebay right now as I try to bring in some funds for additional terrabytes of storage space for the videos!  Here is the link:


  1. Holy crap - I don't even want to know how you were able to paint those comics so legibly.

    It must be some sort of devil-magic. Amazing.

    1. Many thanks! I think it was just my own madness :-)

  2. James *knockknockkncok* James *knockknockkncok* James *knockknockkncok*

    I must have this.

    1. I guess that means Sheldon generates 3 noise markers when he opens a door instead of one! :-)