Sunday, September 1, 2013

Preparing for war (or weathering)

I shot these images as I was working on the freehand for the Weathering video.  There is nothing that works in such a mutually supporting way as freehand and weathering.

When you combine the two together, each effect becomes somewhat more realistic.

This is where is gets started, blocking in the design.  You can see that I was working from one of the large bases from the Sisters Army.

The blocked in designs are refined with some more shading, more colors, and some text.

Refining begins in earnest, adding some of the torches and flames as well.

Additional designs, such as the numeral, as also added.

Can't forget the other side.  Some fun lettering!

More lettering and some safety stripes.

Just about everything ready to go for some weathering!!!  Stay tuned.

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