Monday, September 2, 2013

Playing in the mud

Here are the rest of the Weathering and Battle Damage video images.

I had to get all the painting finished in advance, so that as much time as possible could be spent on doing the various effects.

So, the shading and freehand work is all in place...

Then it was time for some sample effects on a piece of board.

Using the sample vehicle, I did the same paint chipping and cracks that had been done on a slightly larger scale.

Armed with another painting guide, I went to work on the second vehicle.

Time to add some rust!

And streaks...

As I mentioned before, I did half of the vehicle in paint...

And the other half with Secret Weapon weathering powders.

Mud!  So messy :-)

Time for a car wash!

Rust, streaks, paint chipping, scorch marks mud and dust all in place.

And a completed vehicle!!!

I was very glad that I had as many freehand designs as possible, since that enhances the effect so greatly.  Making the additional armor skirts was a great success.

And they look nifty as well.

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