Monday, August 5, 2013


Yes, she is.  Reaper Yvonne once again.

Time for another fun sketch!

A handy guide to your SE-NMM.  Actually, I have not gotten to do much of this technique over the last few years.  Part of it has to do with not painting as many Grey Knights ;-)

I also do much more weathering than I had previously used.

I guess that makes these rarer opportunities to work this technique more fun!

With all the darker glazes complete, it was time to do lots of work to finalize where those horizon lines would go, and get all the reflected light in the shadow areas.  That can be more complex to manage with SE-NMM.

I think the Forgeworld Empire handgunners was the last time I did SE-NMM en masse.

Let the metals continue!!


  1. Hello, Could you say to me which color you use please for this NMM

  2. The sky part was deep sky and verdigris from vallejo, with leather brown and ashen brown from reaper on the earth section...

  3. wow, these are amazing! Do you have a youtube channel where we can watch you go through the process step by step?

    1. Thanks! All these videos are part of my kickstarter campaign, called the Painting Pyramid. I created a total of 53 videos. There is a lot of info on the blog, in addition to the kickstarter itsef!