Monday, August 5, 2013

Feelin' the blues?

I was definitely looking forward to the "Color Theory" videos, where I tackle various colors, and try to show how to get a wider range of colors within each 'family'.  This time around, it was blue!

I tried to demonstrate how to make warm and cool versions of blue... less saturated, more saturated, etc., and how to play these off of each other.

A few color swatches were made, such as this one.

This view gives you a hint at how many different blues I was trying to show...

No painting session is complete without those glazes!!

The Secret Weapon blue wash was a particular treat.  That is going to be seeing a lot of action in the future!  It is another one of the more intense wash colors that they have produced, and it's fantastic when you mix it with normal paint.

Nearing completion.  You can see the palette with all those paints mixed in with the wash colors.

And then there were two.

I can't wait for you to see some of the swatches from the yellow and green videos. :-)


  1. Hello,
    On the color swatches, it appears that some of the blues are lightened with white, gray and green. But the colors don't look chalky or dull. How do you do keep the richness of the color?

    1. The key to keeping that richness is by avoiding white as a highlight color. I try to be sure that any color used to lighten another has some kind of 'off white' tint... more yellow, more green, more red, etc.

  2. Sorry, do you have info about this set of videos posted anywhere? I would like to know more about them.

    1. Hi Micheal. Mr Wappell ran a Kickstarter which was successfully funded:

      An we are eagerly awaiting the good stuff :D

    2. There is an ever growing section on the blog about the kickstarter videos. You can see it in the column on the left hand side...

      Many thanks for giving the high sign Martok! I was super busy with all kinds of multi-tasking :-)