Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Seeing Red...

Here are some shots of the mini for the Raging Reds video.  As with the other videos on this kind of subject, the idea is to show as many ways to get varieties in a color as possible.

In this case, I tried to do many different reds... warmer, cooler, less saturated, and so on.  The parts of the armor that face upward have been made a warmer read, while surfaces facing towards the ground were lightened with a much cooler color.

Since I have been asked so many times over the years about how to lighten red without making it either blazing orange or chalky pink, I knew that this particular video had to be made.  That is why it was in the very first set. :-)


  1. A perfect Paint job could put life in a not so spectacular model. :)

    1. What is a really interesting project is to take some much older minis and try to do something extra fancy with the basing and paint job. Since they were probably painted with some very nasty paint jobs back in the day, your new result is all the more spectacular! :-)

  2. Very nice. You always have such lovely paint schemes that bring out the best in your models details.