Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Asharah's Revenge... the unit and the ride.

Tonight we have Asharah, leader of my Dark Eldar army.  She is with her Incubus retinue, and their Venom.

Asharah is another hero figure from the Raging Heroes line.  She had a number of left over options for heads, weapons, and other decorative elements.

I was able to use many of these extra bits to convert some GW Kabal warriors into the Incubus retinue figures, as the scale was perfect.  I have a few posts detailing how those were made, which you can find in the Dark Eldar army section.

I had a lot of fun with the base of this Venom.  Those who saw the original posts know all about the homage to the "Crashed plane sculpture" that we love to make fun of outside Midway Airport. :-)

Here are some of the latest unlocks and stretch goal from the Raging Heroes Kickstarter, which is almost down to the final 36 hours!!!  I wonder if this shoudl be my Guardsman (or Guradswoman) Marbo...

Halfling snipers, anyone?  These will make fantastic Urchins on the mean streets of my Hive City!

Superfantastic Mecha!

An Ogryn you really don't want to mess with, especially on a bad hair day.


  1. all right, all right. Getting used to beign stunned every time i open page with your blog:-o