Friday, July 12, 2013

Painting with Powders... it can be done!

OK!  As mentioned yesterday... a miniature painted entirely with 'weathering' powders!

Yes indeed.  No kidding.  Even the base.  In fact, I am really enjoying painting the bases with the powders.  It might even get more interesting when I try out the other Secret Weapon products that make snow and mud.

There was a great deal for me to learn to make those powders work as a painting material.  It is not easy, and you really have to think and plan ahead.

The reason I thought it might gel with what I am doing is that planning ahead is a big part of it.  Starting lighter, knowing that eventually I will be tinting and shading everything darker.

Even with this technique, starting lighter and working darker is a great approach.  You can create de-facto 'glazes' using the fixer product.

For the time being, bright colors are not something that would be possible using the powders, which is why this is more of an "earth tone" piece.  There is a logical explanation for this paradigm.  The vast majority of powders are made for weathering or related techniques, so they are naturally more muted.

If you want to lighten the colors, you can apply them as a 'powder', without any liquids or mediums.  This will give you a very nice smooth look, although you will have to spray it later with dullcoate to seal it.

The original intent for this video was for painting large creatures, but I really wanted to push the limits to see what is possible.  You will find that working on a large miniature after doing this little lady will make it seem a lot easier!  Working with much bigger brushes on the large surfaces should be very nice!


  1. Nice work - ESPECIALLY on such a small mini!!! I want to paint up one of my large scale forge world space marines with powders. He's gonna be a crimson fist. If you are looking for nice colors and great prices I recommend earth pigments .com Great service and selection too.