Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cathy's project continues...

Here are some more images of Cathy's base!  You have seen the WIP images of how she built the base from the baked sculpey, carving and weathering each block, as well as the mosaic floor.

This is the second post showing the process of painting it.

Cathy did some color test marble pieces first to practice...

It's always a good idea to do such practice sessions, since it will definitely save you a lot of time and struggle, and yield a better final result.

Here is a reference she was using, a painting by John William Goodward.

Now for some images of the base after this stage of painting:

You can really see the greenish marble, along with the stains in these images...

Stay tuned for the next episode, where she works on the smaller mosaic pieces!


  1. Hola
    Muy bueno
    un saludo

  2. It's gotta be against some law of physics to have this much awesome contained under the roof of one house - shame on you.

    1. What happens is that it bounces around the walls like a pinball machine :-) We keep stealing ideas from each other and modifying them!

    2. Aye Captain we may not be able to bend the laws of physics but the Wappellious can.

      Could you image if Chekov would have said that to Kirk on a Star Trek episode?

    3. I need to slow down the rotation of the Earth to lengthen the day...

      Negative side effects of that operation will have to be considered acceptable sacrifice.

  3. That base is phenomenal. Cathy you did a great job on this one! Look out James you have some serious competition!

  4. It's naughty when the base gets as much attention as this, love the reference pic, and patience points for doing the practice marble! May your brushes stay sharp peeps :)