Monday, June 3, 2013

Using Secret Weapon pigments of for the Painting with Powders video

Among the many things I was doing today, I worked with the Secret Weapon pigments on the Painting with Powders video.  As I did so, I set up some other bases to test out various techniques.  Here we have some Dark Eldar bases...

You can see the base for the video miniature sitting on the palette.  I wanted to see if the powders could be used as a dark wash as well (mixed with rubbing alcohol), so that one did not get the usual dark washes as the base on the left.

This closer base was done for testing the rubbing alcohol blended powders.

To avoid some of the messes I have caused in the past when I used the powders, I set them on a board off to the side, which would hopefully keep them out of the danger zone!  I let the caps open as well, so that I could dip back into some of the colors when needed.

This is part of my pigment collection :-)  Many of these colors you see are going to be used on the miniature itself, which is a Raging Heroes sci-fi Gluttony.

The pigments arranged on the palette.  Looks kinda familiar, eh?  The blue cap on the left has some of the new Fixer in it.

One of my first tasks was to paint the base for the Gluttony miniature.  You can see all the powders being mixed with the fixer ad rubbing alcohol.

Here are some shots of that base.  Most of the 'painting' was done with the pigments.  I used some gloss medium and fluorescent paint for the ooze.

Here I did a different test.  Putting the pigments on dry, and then washing the fixer over them.

I did a little of each technique on these.


  1. Looking great! Did you have to seal the acrylics before applying the rubbing alcohol mix?

    1. Many thanks! I just applied it right to all the previously painted areas with no issues.

  2. I was goofing around with the same thing last night. They are a really interesting medium. As with most things, experimenting and practice can really produce some great looks. Do you find it necessary to fix the areas of heavier application with a spray (like a clear/dullcoat) to prevent any rub off or fingerprinting...since the miniatures might get a lot of handling during play,etc.?

    1. Part of what I was doing was testing a new fixer that will seal the pigments immediately. Otherwise, I use a spray on dullcoate to do that job...

    2. Do you know what the new fixer IS?

      I thought rubbing alcohol is basically a fixer anyway? I tend to use artists chalk (as I am cheap)thinned with Tamyia thinner then a touch of alcohol and it sets fast.

      Ka kite ano.

    3. Ironically, rubbing alcohol does not fix the pigments... the Fixer is a special product that they just made in the last few weeks. I have never tried the Tamyia products, since these were much easier for me to acquire :-)

  3. Hola
    Me gustan mucho como trabajas tus peanas
    Gracias por poner la información
    un saludo