Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Raging Heroes kickstarter begins!!!!!

All right!  The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy are HERE!  As you already know, I have been waiting on this moment, and now it has arrived.  The fantastic new range of miniatures is on its way.

We will be looking at nearly 150 unique sculpts, with all sorts of goodies!!

I have included this example to give you an idea of how magnificent these are.  This is the Kurganova Sisters set, including their loyal companion Charlie.

I have many more posts on the blog showing numerous figures from the range, all located in the Raging Heroes area.  You will love how easy these figures are to deal with!

I have put together many resin figures, and these are the only ones that I don't even need to prime, much less struggle to wash without breaking or losing parts.  So much easier!  I have no idea why other companies can't do the same :-)

I think you will love these minis just as much as I do, especially when you see how easy they are to deal with.

Get in fast... I think it will be crazy!!!!
So, here is the link!

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