Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bones and Vampires... a box arrives from Reaper

Let's just say that hours were spent in the attempt to open and organize all the miniatures that came from Reaper on Monday. :-)  Considering that all the miniatures inside were plastic, that was one heavy box!

It was all ingeniously packed to get a maximum amount of stuff in a smallish box, without compromising the safety of the contents.

On top were some of the 'extras'.  These were the elementals that I was hoping to use for the glowing fluorescent paints.

Later this year, or early next, I would like to shoot a painting video of making the dragon come to life...  that would be very fun!  My initial thought is to have him perched above a lava canyon...

Then it was on to all the major bags of figures.  We went through each one...

And tried to separate them into some generalized groups, which would be broken down further.

The elementals were just as neat as I thought they were going to be.  The clear plastic that was used on them is a bit stiffer than the white plastic, which is helpful!

Some of the piles were put in boxes until I could get some smaller ones to isolate the final groups.

It took up all of my currently unused boxes that I had been saving to group them all!  Even then, some of the boxes have multiple categories inside.

Here are a few groupings.  The first was a collection of figures which we thought would make great Zombicide characters!  My favorites were the park Ranger and Disco Stu.  Zombies invade the Possum Lodge!  We will have to add hockey stick weapons to go along with that goalie mask!

I was surprised at how many we ended up setting aside!

Oh, and there were zombies, too!  Maybe we won't run out of walkers so quickly...

This set was also fun.  A little support for an Imperial Guard army.  These were going to be the original camo figures for that video, and may still be used...


There was so much more.  I will try to do some other posts like this when I get to the elementals and other fun figures.  
While we would all love to go back to the days when you could get a nice metal figure in a blister for around $2 (or even less), that is just not the world we live in anymore.
These were quite nice, and will be very handy for all kinds of future projects!

I hope you enjoy yours!


  1. Why I can't to stop my spit dripping? Just Woooohooo! I need to see this dragon painted James :)

    1. I am very curious to see what that looks like!

  2. Man, I dont thing they have even started shipping the Canadian orders yet. I doubt I will see all my stuff till August.

  3. Canadian stuff is being shipped in bulk cross-border right now. My guess is 2-3 weeks for delivery.

    Thanks for this, been looking for an unboxing for a while.


    1. Gee, I would have thought that mine would have been lost in a flurry of posts!