Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another trip to Home Depot!

Well, not really.  We did have to go everywhere else, it seems!  My apologies for the delay on the post.  Picking up the new laptop and getting all the polystyrene tubing took a lot longer than I thought.

So, here we have the bases from the Mosaic Tile video.  I love doing these!

In this case, these were done using the painted on method.

I think you guys will have just as much fun!!!


  1. Do you generally draw up a mural and then break it up into pieces for the bases or just go kind of haphazard with a similar pattern?

    1. These were painted on, but I have also carved in tile patterns. If it is a large area, carving is a better option. If you need to do a lot of them, or the mini will cover a good chunk of it, you would be better off doing it this way.

      You can look through the basing section to see many examples of this...

    2. I drew these right onto the sculpey...

  2. Abosolutely fabolous !!!

    I will have to try and make simple one just like those