Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big bases for big birds...

These next few posts will show a combination of a few different materials.  Super thick plasticard, Apoxy sculpt, and some skulls from Secret Weapon.  Since most of us don't usually have a ton of 50mm bases hanging around, it may be necessary to create our own.

For the large creature videos (such as those using the Cool Mini or Not birds of prey), I had to cut up some thick platicard from Back 2 Base-ix.

I used a razorsaw to cut them.  The edges and burrs were scraped and filed down later.

I filled out the rest of the rock textures with apoxy sculpt, and then added some skulls and garvel to complete the look!

I even added magnet sheets on the bottom of the bases.

The razor saw in action... you will want to clean the semi-melted plastic bits out of the teeh of the blade.

Here are some bases for the Snowy Owls!  Tomorrow I will be creating the preparation post for them.

Now those bases need to be painted!  As I mentioned the other day, I will be trying to work in more and more of the Badger airbrush paints.  For the heck of it, I picked out some from the set, and painted my base coats on all the bases at once.

You might recognize these from Syl-Iriah. :-)

Here we see the basic layers on the griffons and eagles...

Next up, the glazing and shading, using a combination of the new Secret Weapon washes!