Sunday, May 12, 2013

Polystyrene tubing and sculpey in action

I needed some bases for one of the freehand videos, and here are some images of the process.

The bulk of the bases are baked sculpey, as usual.  You can also see the polystyrene tubing.  It makes very nice conduits.  I normally use a few different gauges.  

You can also bend the tubing for some interesting angles.

The tubing is very easy to bend.  Just be sure to vary your angles !

A few pieces are glued in place.  Once the glue dries, I snip off the excess.

An image showing one of the packages of tubing.

For rivets, I slice of very thin pieces of the heavier tubing.  Using a very sharp and pointy exacto knife, they are glued in place.

The bases are just about ready!  You can see many more articles on basing in that section of the blog.  All kinds of fun stuff!

A little hint at what's going on the bases. :-)  The next post will show you the base I painted for the test figure of the first freehand video... stay tuned!


  1. Have you cut the tubes in half before gluing them or you press them in the sculpey before it hardens?

    If you cut them, how do you cut them straight?


    1. The sculpey is a clay that you bake, which is why you can carve it so nicely. The polystyrene tubing comes in many shapes... half round, square, flat, and so on. There are many different articles on how the sculpey clay works in the basing section.

  2. Already this has given me so many ideas, thank you!

  3. Replies
    1. Many thanks, and thanks for checking out the blog!