Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mantis demonettes for flesh tone videos

Much more prepping of minis today.  Among the mass of metal, resin and plastic, I finalized the Mantis warriors from Raging Heroes, which will be used for the demonette flesh tone video.

Here are some bases for them...

There are not a lot of parts to deal with to get the Mantis assembled.  Typically one arm and the head.  You can interchange the heads from one mini to the next if you wish.

I used some oxide paste to fill in the areas around the chaos bases.

These Skaryaa figures are being used to demonstrate copper/bronze NMM.  There are many different ways to assemble them.  You can have the shield, a second sword, or have her pointing.

I have used a great deal of magnets on the undersides of these bases!  At least I know they are strong enough to hold the miniatures to the sheets of metal I have on the empty paint jars :-)

The Mantis figures primed, as are the bases.

Same for the Skaryaa, Blood Mistress. 

I have the last practice Mantis miniature painted, so I will post images of her tomorrow!

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