Friday, April 19, 2013

The day after...

Well folks, today is the one day of the weekend to try and recover and gear up for what is next.  Still lots to do today.  A quick look at some of the things that the 40k folks sent back with me got me even more excited.  There will be a lot of experimentation coming with these new materials.

I am going to be very curious to see what sort of new techniques might emerge as a result.

Once again, lots of thank yous to everyone who stopped by to say hi, chat about stuff, etc.  That's one of the aspects of Adepticon that you can lose sight of in all the hustle and frenzy to get everything ready and so on.

I leave you with this for now, and I will see if I can try to get some pics of the army and the army board posted later tonight, etc.


  1. This looks good. I like the, not sure what to call it, horn on his head. Give's him individuality from the previous model, instead of just his bike being different.

    1. Entered a few of the jetbikes in the Crystal Brush... news on that tomorrow!