Friday, April 19, 2013

Day one is DONE!

Yea!  I survived Thursday!  Well, I did.  Not so sure about the house with the floods, etc.

And the Dark Eldar didn't survive very well either.  Very low lying terrain, very high flying flyers.  With Waaghs. And rerolls.  That meant lots of dead space elves.  Orcs in fortresses, and so on.

However, I finally got to see everything together!  It was really cool to see everybody on the army board. :-)

While I can't do any image processing tonight, I will say that there is very good news on the awards front.  There are some plaques coming home from the tournament, and TONS of loot!  It was way beyond generous, heading well into scary territory. ;-)

Let's just say we almost had to make a second trip to the vehicle.  Many thanks to the folks at Adepticon for furnishing that prize support, and for everyone who took the time to look at the army as I explained ad nauseum about the story, etc. :-)  Thanks for all the kind words, and for voting!  You know who you are :-)

I didn't get a lot of in game pictures, since the games did not last all that long.  We'll see how they turned out.

Now I must get some sleep.  Oh wait, that is change clothes, since I have had to wear the same clothes for 2 days...


  1. Oooo won a lot aye?
    This has got to be my favourite of the Dark Eldar flyers. Looks amazing

    1. Many thanks! A very long day for sure...